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Is Fortron Smart Contract Legit(review)


Is Fortron Smart Contract Legit(review)

Hello Wonderful people

We have brought to you another money making machine🥵 which is called FORTRON smart contract.

What is smart contract

Smart contract is a decentralized method of earning crypto currency through  refferals and spill overs. Smart contract is a decentralized blockchain which means it can't be hacked and you can't be scammed

Spymedia Fortron

What is Fortron

Fortron is a decentralized smart contract that pays it members through refferals and spillovers.

How does Fortron work?

 Fortron has to matrices which are:👇

FTR 3; FTR 3 is the level meant for those that have the ability to reffer and it consists of twelve levels.

Spymedia Fortron

All you have to do here is register three downlines and you own the registeration fee for two out of the three downlines. This continues for the next 12 levels and at the end you would have earned up to *2640Trons🤑🤑* which is equal to 35,640Naira.(N.B this can increase anytime according to the value of Tron).

The second matrix is FTR 4

This is meant for those that can't Refer. You earn up to 50TRX on daily basis without refferals..just spillovers that are withdrawable anytime🤑🤑🤑🤑. This is the sweetest part🤑🤑.

Spymedia Fortron

How Spymedia Team Will Help You Make 1000Tron=18k In 1 Week without refferals

With Spymedia Team, you don't need to reffer before you earn massively.

In Spymedia Team, We will register you for both FTR3 AND FTR4 meaning you will earn from refferals and also bonuses.

You don't need to bother about refferals because we are going to place at Least 4 refferals under each person for free.

Spymedia Fortron

How Much Is The Registration Fee For Fortron

The registration fee is just 110 TRX =1760Naira(N.B we will fund your wallet for you at this discounted can't get this rate anywhere)

When  Will Fortron Smart Contract Be Launched

Fortron Smart contract will be launched on 10th of September 2020.

What Are The Apps Needed To Register Fortron Smart Contract

All you need is to download Tron wallet app from playstore or Apple appstore. After that, register on the app, then u will be given some words(safe keys) during registeration, make sure u keep them very save or rather write it down.

Don't  miss this massive opportunity because our team is growing very fast.

Spymedia Fortron

Is Fortron Smart Contract Legit or Scam?

As I said earlier, Fortron works on a decentralized system which means it's can't be hacked and other findings made us understand that the program is not just here for a short term but here to enrich us with and without refferals for a long period of time.

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