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How To Watch Live Matches Online(Free)


How To Watch Live Matches Online(Free)

Good day guys. Today I am discussing on how to watch DSTV channels and Live matches online for free. We have two methods of doing this which are:

  • Hacked DSTV app (freeflix)
  • Live stream on Twitter.

Hacked DSTV app (freeflix): There are many apps online for streaming DSTV channels live but all aren't free. Freeflix app requires no premium access or login, all you have to do is to download the app using the link below and follow the instructions in the pictures below👇


Click on the "WATCH NOW" button


Click on "IPTV 3" Button, a list of channels will be show, choose any sport channel and enjoy😉


If this method does not work for you, then try the next method

Live stream on Twitter: This Is a very easy method, all you have to do is go to twitter and search "FTTV10" , Follow the page and turn on notifications for new Posts.


You can also join their telegram group here.

The next step is just to wait for the time the match will kick off, a link to the the live broadcast will be posted on their telegram channel/Twitter page. Click on it and enjoy.

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