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How to do Inksnation KYC verification(the new method)

 How to do Inksnation KYC verification(the new method)

Having considered all the glitches that abound with the usage of NIN for our KYC, InksNation has decided with regrets to cancel  all plans to use NIN. 

Lots of obstacles we can't discuss in the open. One thing for sure is that problems or challenges makes us stronger when we finally surmount them. 

All payments made by members through KoboPay for the purpose of InksNation KYC will be refunded to  members.

A new verification process will be conducted through InksNation agents/exchangers across Nigeria. 

Inksnation New KYC verification method

All end users will be able to start their verification right from their dashboard and also have access to the list of exchangers in order to select which is nearest to them

Be rest assured that InksNation is doing everything to make sure August 12th is a success. 

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