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How To Create A Fake Facebook Account Without Getting Blocked (Updated 2020)

 How To Create A Fake Facebook Account  Without Getting Blocked (Updated 2020)

Disclaimer: This post is meant for educational purpose only.It does not mean that I am a yahoo boy or I am encouraging it. You Will be Held Responsible For Your Actions

This post is meant to explain how to create a fake Facebook account without it getting blocked.There has been several cases of G guys finding it difficult to create a fake Facebook profile due to the high security system Facebook has adopted which can however be manipulated in some ways. Below are the guidelines to successfully creating a fake Facebook account without getting it blocked

Getting a strong (premium) VPN : This is the most important aspect of creating a Facebook account without getting it blocked. A VPN help to change a device’s  IP address to that of  any desired location. It also makes one remain anonymous on the internet therefore making it difficult for you to be tracked. I recommend premium VPNs like NORD VPN, IPVANISH, HIDE MY ASS, PIA and I recommend WINDSCRIBE VPN for those that can’t afford premium logs. Click here to get your VPN @ reasonable prices


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Create your Facebook account: Now the next step after turning off your VPN is to open the Facebook app (I recommend Facebook lite on mobile and Facebook web on desktop). If you are using web, clear your cache before starting. Now click on “Create Account” , Fill in your name(fake), and other details. Next step is to enter email address or phone number for verification, here you are to use phone number and not E-mail due to the fact that using a phone number makes it more real. Next is to request for your verification code and enter it.



Next now is to fill in your profile: Your Facebook profile must me 100% complete in order to look real. Use a real (fake) picture (you can get some from Instagram). After that, you fill in you location, home town, school, workplace, relationship status, about and other sections of you profile.

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Now you are done creating a Facebook account, you just have to leave it without sending friend request for a week or more. After that, you can now request to join Dating groups and pages and pages on Facebook. All you have to do is just to post a picture of yours in any of the dating groups and add a caption them boom, you get a load of friend requests within 24hrs.

N.B: Avoid sending friend requests and make sure you login with a VPN always

If you are still getting blocked, then you have to register with a new device or better still buy an account

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