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How To Create a Facebook Page(Explained With Pictures)

How To Create A Facebook Page(Explained With Pictures)

Creating a Facebook page has been a kind of difficult talk for some people, so we have decided to explain extensively on how to create a Facebook page.


  • Choose your Facebook page name and category

  • Complete your page profile

  • Add a call to action button

  • Edit your page settings (messaging preferences)

  • Publish your first post

  • How to promote my Facebook page

1. Choose your Facebook page name and category: the first step here is to navigate to the Facebook menu and select the page option as shown in the image below

After doing that, you click on create new page then a form comes up. In this form, you have to state your intended page name, page category, website (if available) and logo. Get a clearer explanation with the images below

2. Complete your page profile: Now after scaling through the first stage, you will get a notification stating"complete your page profile", click on it as shown in the image below then update your email address,page location and opening hours.

3. Add a call to action button: A call to action button is very necessary in a Facebook page because it makes it easier to contact the page admin (you).
Click on the "add a button" area as shown in the image below and choose your preferred button. We have different buttons such as "call now" "WhatsApp" "sign up" "email" but we are using the "call now" button as a case study. After choosing the call now button, you will be asked to input a phone number you would like to receive calls, then you enter it and Save. We are done with this step and you can get a clearer explanation from the pictures below

4. Edit your page settings (messaging preferences): Next step is to click on the page settings icon at the right hand top corner of the page. After doing that, you get a list of settings, then you can choose the "messaging settings" as shown in the pictures below. All you have to do there is to turn on "quick reply" and "away message", you can also customize your quick reply and away messages.
The messages are sent to anyone that contact's the page via messenger automatically pending when the admin is online to give a response. See the images below for full explanation.

5. Publish your first post: Now you have to create your first post and publish it. See Image below

How to promote my Facebook page.

Now the next is to make more people see your page content. You can do this via two ways; Invite your Facebook friends to like your page by using the invite friends button (see image below)

Secondly, you can do that through sponsored ads. All you have to do is click on the "Promote Now" button, then you choose your ad format as "get more page likes". After that you move on to see your ad preview, the you adjust the audience age and location to suit you and also edit the ad duration. See Images below for more details please

Lastly, you add money to you ad wallet and submit you advert for approval

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