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Easy ways to make money(2020)

Easy ways to make money(2020)

Make money online

Good day guys. I feel I should publish a post on "Easy ways to make money" due to the high request for this. In this post,I will list did working methods to make money online in 2020.

Table of content:


1.Surveys: this involves getting paid for answering questions on various topics. The answers gathered are used for research purposes.
  Examples of survey websites are:
Swagbucks; Swagbucks pays in dollars and also pays a maximum of $25 per survey. The methods of withdrawal are; E-gifts card, PayPal.
N.B: Swagbucks is only available in USA.
Register here
We also have , in Nigeria

2. Freelance:this involves getting paid for rendering services such as; graphic design,web design and many other services online. You can make as much as $100 per service rendered and you get paid via PayPal.
Some credible freelance websites are:

3. Affiliate marketing:this involves getting people to purchase a good or service from a company through you...I will be focusing on Amazon affiliate marketing steps in my next post .

Also related to this is the Vbanking refferal program

V by VFD, V is an online digital bank which we’ve found a way to earn free of charge from the platform can read about the registration steps @

4. Blogging:this involves creating a website and publishing quality contents in order to get AdSense approval. Examples of blogs are:, ..e.t.c
One can also make money from a reward/comment to earn blog such as NNU form, Giftalworld e.t.c

5. Selling E-books:this involves compiling your ideas that can solve people's problem and sell it. You can also convert a book that has been publish as hardcopy to an e-book with the writers permission.

6. WhatsApp TV:do you know you can make up to #20,000 daily with your WhatsApp status? You can earn this if you have 500 status views and above. This income is generated from adverts. Now the question is "how do I get status viewers?" It involves you just to pay interesting contents consistently and engage people in a referral contest......To get full PDF, contact@

I think this post will be helpful to you and you start making some money.Don't keep it to yourself...share this post using the embedded share buttons.Thanks for reading

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